Fixed Fees for Advice About Mediation (Children Issues)

Fixed fees for advice about mediation (children issues)

Mediation is often a very effective way to try to resolve issues relating to your children following divorce or separation.

We offer a free initial consultation, which is an opportunity for you to meet one of our family law specialists and explain your situation. We will advise you of your options and let you know the likely costs involved.

Mediation has a very high success rate in helping separated couples reach agreement, even when their positions are a very long way apart when they enter the mediation process. You may need legal advice before you start mediation and as the mediation progresses. We can advise you about about the right sort of proposals to put forward, and whether a proposed agreement is in your best interests.

Legal aid may be available to pay for a limited amount of legal advice about mediation if you are on a low income and don’t have too much savings or other capital. If you don’t qualify for legal aid we will provide you with the legal advice you need for a fixed fee.

Find out about our fixed fees for advice about mediation for financial and property issues.


We feel it is essential that we meet you face to face at an early stage in the process. This might be before or after you have your first mediation meeting. This way we get to know you well and we get to understand your particular worries and priorities. It also gives you a chance to meet the solicitor who will be acting for you and make sure that you feel comfortable with him or her. READ MORE...

Advice during mediation and about the agreement you reach – £300

During the mediation process your mediator may recommend you to take advice about a particular question which arises, or you may feel that you want to take advice even though it has not been recommended. If the process is successful and you reach an agreement the agreement will be recorded in a “memorandum of understanding” which your mediator will prepare.Your mediator may recommend you to seek advice about the memorandum of understanding and you are not committed to it until you have done so. Usually it is not necessary to get the memorandum of understanding agreed in the form of a court order or in a formal separation agreement.

What is included in our fixed fee for advice about mediation (children issues)? What is not included in our fixed fee for advice about mediation (children issues)?

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