‘Do It Yourself’ – take as much as you need

We appreciate that some people prefer to take responsibility for dealing with their own cases but from time to time need a little extra input from an experienced lawyer.

Perhaps you need help to prepare a particular document or advice about a proposed settlement or a more complex legal question. Working in this way can save a lot of money in legal costs.

In such situations we are happy to work with you in a more flexible and less hands-on way. We’re available in the background to give advice and assistance when needed but you take responsibility for dealing with the day to day running of your case.

Depending on the specific work that you would like us to undertake for you, a fixed fee may be available. In cases where a fixed fee is not available we will discuss and agree with you an hourly rate for our services before starting work. We ask for a payment in advance at the beginning, covering a fixed amount of legal advice, and you are free to choose when and how you take advantage this.

You may find this video (and the other two videos it links to) useful to watch. They are a very helpful guide to the family court.

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