Consent orders

Consent orders

If you can reach agreement about financial matters then it’s always best to record your agreement  in a formal court order known as a “consent order”

The court can make such an order as soon as the divorce has reached the decree nisi stage. A consent order will set out the details of the agreement relating to such things as who will occupy the former matrimonial home or whether it should be sold, how the proceeds of sale and any other financial assets (including pensions) will be divided and whether one party should continue to pay maintenance for the other party or the children.

A consent order provides security and certainty for the future. In the absence of an order of the court the possibility of your spouse making a claim against you in the future (even years ahead) will always be there.

We can help you at all stages of the process by advising you on an appropriate settlement, negotiating with your spouse and drawing up a consent order for the court.

We’ve put together a fixed fee package for dealing with finance and property matters which also covers the cost of concluding a consent order.

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