Finance and property on divorce

Finance and property on divorce

Getting the right financial deal for you and your family is key to moving on after separation

The court will only become involved in such matters if either of you ask for the court’s help. In appropriate cases we will encourage you to attend at mediation with your husband/wife in order to try to reach agreement before advising you to start court proceedings.

Consent orders

If you can reach agreement about financial matters then it’s always best to record your agreement  in a formal court order known as a consent order. The court can make such an order as soon as the divorce has reached the decree nisi stage.

If you can’t reach agreement

If you and your husband/wife can’t agree about financial and property matters then you may need to consider making an application to court to resolve matters. The court has a wide range of powers to make orders relating to finance and property issues but you will need to give careful consideration to the cost involved, the likely benefits and any alternatives, before going down this route.

We offer a range of fixed fees for most of our services, including in relation to disputes about finance and property.

As an alternative to court proceedings you might like to consider a new and innovative approach to dispute resolution known as collaborative law.

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