Property rights for unmarried couples

Property rights for unmarried couples

The law relating to property rights between unmarried couples is particularly complex and cohabitees are treated very differently to married couples when it comes to sorting out property rights.

Getting it right from the start

If you and your partner are about to buy a property it makes sense to think about how you will own it together. If the property is going to be held in your joint names is it clear what would happen to your shares if you were to separate? Who is going to be responsible for any mortgage payments? What happens if one of you is making a larger financial contribution to the purchase at the outset?

A couple of hours of legal advice at the outset can save a lot of expense and heartache if things do go wrong later on. We can advise you on all aspects if you’re buying a property together, or if you’re living together and the property is owned by only one of the couple. We can draw up any documents which might be needed to give you certainty and security for the future.

If things go wrong

If the property is held in the name of only one person what rights will the other person have if the relationship breaks down? What if one person has paid the mortgage and the other has contributed by paying other bills, or perhaps taking the main responsibility for caring for the children?

We can advise you about all aspects of disputes about property rights between unmarried couples. We can help you take court proceedings if you and your ex-partner can’t reach agreement.

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