Separation agreement

Separation agreement

You may be thinking about a trial separation or you may not be ready for divorce yet.

There’s still lots to think about.

What will happen to the family home? How will I manage financially? How will we look after the children?

We can advise you about all of these issues and help you negotiate an agreement with your husband/wife. In appropriate cases we will encourage you to attend mediation. We also recommend that any agreement, especially in relation to financial and property matters, is recorded in a formal separation agreement. We can draw up the agreement for you.

We certainly won’t rush you into a divorce but there may be cases where starting divorce proceedings is the only way to protect your interests if a negotiated settlement is not possible. We will advise you clearly about your options.

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All of our lawyers adhere to the Resolution code of practice intended to ensure that matters are dealt with in a sensitive and constructive way.

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