Divorce FAQ’S

All your questions answered about Divorce
When can I get divorced? What are the grounds for divorce?
How long does a divorce take?
How much does a divorce cost?
My spouse and I are in agreement. Can you represent both of us?
Once I start divorce proceedings can I stop if I change my mind?
Will I need to go to court at any stage?
I was married abroad. Can I get a divorce in this country?
My spouse is unlikely to co-operate. Will this stop the divorce going ahead?
I have lost touch with my spouse and do not know his/her current address. Will this stop the divorce going ahead?
Will getting divorced sort out all of the financial arrangements between us?
Will getting divorced sort out the arrangements for the children?
What is a decree nisi?
What is a decree absolute?
When should I apply for decree absolute?
A decree nisi has been made but my spouse won’t apply for decree absolute?
Should I make a new will following divorce?
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