Living together

Living together

A separation when you’ve been living together can be as complex as a divorce, especially if you have children or have bought a home together.

A common misconception is that living with someone for a number of years gives rise to a “common law marriage” in which each of you  have the same rights as though you were married.

In fact there is no such thing as a common law marriage. Read more about this here.

The law in this area can be especially complex and the outcome will depend on your individual circumstances and the history of your relationship. This is particularly the case where property is owned in the sole name of one of the partners and the other partner has made a substantial contribution whether financially or by being a home maker. We will advise you about your particular circumstances and in appropriate cases will recommend that you go to mediation to try to reach agreement.

We can help resolve disputes in relation to the arrangements for your children and disputes about the ownership of property.

All of our lawyers follow the Resolution code of practice and are committed to resolving disputes in a constructive and non-confrontational way.

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All of our lawyers adhere to the Resolution code of practice intended to ensure that matters are dealt with in a sensitive and constructive way.

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