Arrangements for children

Child arrangements orders

Working out where your children should live, and when they should be able to see the other parent, is often a major challenge faced by separating couples.

Emotions can run high and sometimes it can be difficult to take a step back and work out what will be best for the children.

We can help by providing clear and calm advice based on our long experience of resolving these disputes. We can refer you to mediation or in cases where agreement is not possible help you with all aspects of court proceedings.

We offer a range of fixed fees for most of our services, including in relation to disputes about children.

Court orders

The court can make an order (called a child arrangements order) which can define with whom a child lives and with whom the child has contact, either direct or indirect.

The court may also decide a specific issue between the parents, for example, which school should the child attend, or prevent a person with parental responsibility from exercising parental responsibility in a particular way. For example to stop a parent taking a child out of the country.

These orders are called, respectively, a specific issue order and a prohibited steps order.

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