Other disputes about children

Other disputes about children

Separated parents or carers can’t always agree what’s best for a child and disputes can arise at any time.

“We can’t agree which school our child should go to”

“She’s changed our child’s name without my agreement”

“He’s bringing our child into contact with unsuitable people”

“My ex wants to take our children abroad to live and I don’t agree”

We can help you to resolve all of these sorts of issues. We may suggest that you go to mediation with the other parent (or carer) to see if the dispute can be resolved by discussion. In some cases mediation isn’t appropriate and urgent court action may be necessary.

We offer a range of fixed fees for most of our services, including in relation to disputes about children.

Court orders

Specific issue order – an order which resolves a specific question about how parental responsibility for a child should be exercised eg which school a child should attend or whether a child should receive particular medical treatment.

Prohibited steps order – an order which prevents a person from exercising parental responsibility for a child in a particular way eg an order preventing a parent from taking the child out of the country.

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