Grandparents often play a crucial role in supporting parents in their care of their children.

Grandparents don’t have an automatic right to have contact with their grandchildren but the law recognises that relationships with grandparents and other extended family members can be an important part of children’s lives. In the right circumstances the court will make an order allowing a grandparent to have contact with his/her grandchild.

Sometimes grandparents have to step in to provide full time care for their grandchild if the parents are unable to do so. In these situations it important to have clear legal advice about their rights and responsibilities. The court has the power to make orders to secure the arrangements for the child’s care and which give a grandparent parental responsibility for the child.

We can advise about all aspects of grandparental rights and represent you in court proceedings where a grandparent wishes to have contact with a grandchild, or to care for a grandchild.

We offer a range of fixed fees for most of our services, including in relation to disputes about children.

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