Disputes about Children FAQ’s

Disputes about Children FAQ’s

All your questions answered about disputes about children
What is a residence order?

How long does a residence order last for?
Can the court make a shared residence order?
What is a contact order?
My ex-partner has stopped me from seeing my child. Do I have a right to have contact?
Is there a usual amount of contact?
My ex-partner will not bring my child home after a contact visit. What should I do?
My ex-partner may be about to disappear with our child. What should I do? Do I have parental responsibility for my child?


What is a child arrangements order?


What is CAFCASS? Will I be entitled to legal aid? Do I have to attend mediation first?
Do I have to go to mediation before starting court proceedings?
Which court deals with children cases?
I have never been to court before. What should I expect?
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