Disputes about children

Putting children first

Working out the arrangements for children following separation or family breakdown requires a particularly sensitive approach where the interests of the children must be the number one concern.

We can help you negotiate an agreement and refer you to mediation. If agreement isn’t possible we can help you with all aspects of court proceedings.

Putting children first

Whether your dispute relates to with whom the child lives (sometimes called custody or residence), or who the child sees, sometimes called contact arrangements (when the other parent can have access), or any other issue concerning your children’s welfare, our experience is that arrangements that are agreed usually have a better chance of working than a solution imposed by a court. We can help in referring you and your former partner to mediation.

Of course in some cases agreement is just not possible and court proceedings may be the only way to sort things out. We will only advise you to go to court if there is really no other option. In these cases it is still important to remember that you and your former partner are usually going to have to work together in the future with any arrangements put in place by the court. We therefore aim to deal with your case in a way which does not increase tension unnecessarily.

All of our solicitors subscribe to the Resolution code of practice and are committed to dealing with matters in a non-confrontational and sensitive way. Several of our solicitors are members of the Law Society Children Panel with specialist training in dealing with children cases in court and representing children themselves.

We offer a range of fixed fees for most of our services, including in relation to disputes about children.

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