Child protection case conferences

Child protection case conference

If social workers are concerned that a child is at risk of harm they may arrange a child protection conference.

A child protection conference is a meeting of all of the different agencies who might be involved in a child’s life. As well as social services this could include a child’s school, doctor, health visitor, support worker, probation or the police.

The purpose of the child protection conference is for representatives from these agencies to share information about the child and to decide whether the child needs a “child protection plan“.

As a parent you have the right to attend a child protection case conference. You will have an opportunity to have your say and to correct any information that is incorrect. However, only the professional agencies vote on whether there should be a child protection plan.

If you have been asked to go to a child protection conference we can advise you about what is likely to happen and about how best to deal with the meeting. In certain cases we will be able to come to the meeting with you in order to give you support.

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