Care and other court proceedings

Social services court proceedings

If social services are very concerned about your child they may go to court to ask for a care order or a supervision order, or sometimes an emergency protection order.

They will only do this if they believe that your child is suffering significant harm, or that your child would be likely to suffer significant harm if a court order is not made.

If court proceedings are started it is likely to be several months before the court makes a final decision. Before the court reaches a final decision it can make temporary or “interim” orders about your child. These can include an interim care order which could result in your child being placed in temporary foster care or with a relative, while the court case continues.

If you have been told that social services are going to court about your child then it is important that you get legal advice without delay. Our specialist team has experience in representing clients in all levels of courts and in just about every type of case. If you are a parent of the child concerned, or a person with parental responsibility, you will be entitled to legal aid regardless of your financial circumstances and so you won’t have to pay any legal costs.

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